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This website, bikermonkey.com, has been on quite the ride since July 2011 and we ain’t done yet.  A little back history in case you are wondering……

In July 2011, bikermonkeyblog.com was born with the intent of sharing information and pictures of places that we have traveled on our motorcycles.  The website somewhat took on a life of its own and quickly evolved into a website pretty heavily dedicated to extreme endurance long distance motorcycle riding, you know Iron Butt stuff.  At one point, we were hosting and promoting up to 5 rides and a rally in one year, while blogging daily.  The word “burnout” comes to mind.

In December 2013, bikermonkey.com decided to stop dead in its tracks, take down 2-1/2 years of internet existence and ponder……… and reprioritize what was really important.  Yes, hosting and promoting rides to bring awareness and contributions to various awesome non-profit groups is very important, but BikerMonkey wanted to not be so tied to just one thing with a very limited audience.   Can’t believe this is being typed but, there is more to life than riding a motorcycle.

So, with that being said, welcome to the new bikermonkey.com; hopefully you will find this cycle of life just as entertaining and beneficial.  There will be periodic posts about motorcycle rides of course, Jeep off road stuff, music and music engineering, baseball and coaching, dad thoughts, church stuff that we do, and pictures!  Who knows, we may even host and promote rides in the near future!